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Why C.O.O.A.S.?

The primary purpose of Circle of One Animal Sanctuary is to provide a lifetime home for animals in need, primarily equines. The ones who are not "useable". The ones who will never be able to be ridden. Secondly; we do some rescue, rehabilitation and adoptions. Third, our goal is to help bring awareness of the oneness of all life.


Circle of One was formed by 3 people that recognize the inherent wonder of non-human animals. Equines make our lives better every day and have incredible healing abilities, if you are open to receive. They bring unconditional love and acceptance that is not always part of human behavior, although it should be. Our Executive Director, Wynne Zaugg, has 23 years experience as the Co-founder and Executive Director of Hacienda de los Milagros. 105 positive reviews were posted at www.GreatNon-profits.org during his tenure. Our Directors are Cleatius Woodard, Barbara Metzger, and Wynne Zaugg. They have significant experience with animals as well. All our resident equines are rescues.

We are small, but we will still make a huge difference for the ones we take in. Wynne developed our feeding program while at HDLM that ensures a necessary weight, quality of health and contentment to each resident.

Discussion Group

We are planning a discussion group to talk about animal issues, stories, etc. and to let those interested learn more about animal communication. How it greatly improves relationships between humans and their animal family. All have the ability, you just need to reconnect with it. If enough people are interested, we will arrange to have someone come in and conduct a workshop to help you re-learn. Call Wynne at (928) 583-4849


Animal Communication
Either re-learn this skill, or use the services of one, to really improve your relationship with your non-human family.  You will be amazed by what they share with you (see and read Circle of One to get an idea if you've not experienced this).  Is your best friend acting out?  In pain? Circle of One was a group project utilizing the skills of 22 individual communicators.  Their contact information is listed in the book.  Want to know who I use? We use the following because I have for a long time, and they are excellent:

Danielle Tremblay, 303-955-4292, www.whitelightconnection.com

Long Distance Energy Work, Nutrition, Natural & Holistic Remedies & Healings, Animal Communication 
Beverly MacLean,  250-398-8821, beverly@healthyawakenings.com, www.healthyawakenings.com


Circle of One January 2018 Newsletter [here]


Read Monty Joynes Walt With the Burros blog here.

Marilyn Outerbridge Sprague comments "What a memorable expression of your wonderful experience in Chino Valley, AZ! I, too, resinated with these magnificent souls and felt deeply the love and dedication of Wynne Zaugg toward each resident. No greater love for our four legged friends have I ever witnessed elsewhere. Though Wynne (unfortunately out of necessity) has moved on to Circle of One Sanctuary, he continues honoring and preserving those in need. I am blessed to have lived near the Hacienda de los Milagros Sanctuary and participated, as did the Joynes, in this remarkable and profound interaction."

Heidi Wlodarczyk comments "My friendship with Wynne Zaugg and Barb Metzger began many years ago when I first was living in Arizona back in 1996. I had come across an article about their sanctuary and was searching for a connection to a cause and decided to visit them. As my journey began in knowing the sanctuary and all the 4-legged companions, I grew as a person and developed a deep devotion, not just to the animals but to the founders."
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