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Circle of One

A Book of Inspiring Messages from the Animals at the Hacienda de los Milagros

Take a look around
Try to see what I see
I see you looking, but not seeing
I see you thinking, but not feeling
I see you walking, but not flying
I see you, do you see me?

Enter the Circle of One in these pages
Open your heart to hear the messages
of love, peace, compassion and hope given
to us, the humans, from our
animal brothers and sisters.
Telling of their own struggle to live,
their lessons learned, their kindness
and caring and their part in healing
this world is related in dialogs,
stories and poetic verse.

We are happy to share the messages of the animals who have lived at the Hacienda de los Milagros in this book, Circle of One.

One ardent supporter of HDLM has funded the entire publication of this book to share the profound communications of the animals with the world. In doing so, the proceeds of the book go entirely to HDLM for the feeding and care of all our dearly beloved four-legged residents. The cover painting was lovingly inspired and donated. Graphics and printing of our flyers was dontated. HDLM extends tremendous appreciation for their support.

The cover is magnificent, the book divine.
– ONENESS, Mammoth Burro, Jack

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