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Circle of One Animal Sanctuary, Inc.
IRS 501(c )(3) Teaching & Healing Animal Sanctuary Chino Valley, AZ

Mission Statement

Provide lifetime sanctuary for rescued, abused or needy animals, with special emphasis on equines. Our ability to do this is dependent on the generosity of donors.

Educate the public about rights of all animals to live in peace and dignity, with emphasis on wild animals who are being forcibly evicted from public lands, through schools and other youth and community organizations, with the long-term goal of facilitating an environment where all living things have their place, and are respected and treated with dignity. Saving the environment includes the living things in the lands we seek to protect. Human and non-human animals and all other living things must have the freedom to live their respective lives, fulfilling their purposes and missions, without damaging the earth or other living things.

Provide a place for those who wish to embrace new life, by providing opportunity tor share a healing space with non-human animals in mutual respect and unconditional love.


Values Statement

The board and all officers and eventual employees of Circle of One animal Sanctuary, Inc.. agree with and support the following Values.

  1. All living beings are equal, and have the right to make decisions for themselves. To the extent possible, excepted only in case of emergency, no resident of COOAS will be forced to move unless that resident agrees with and requests such a re-homing. Each resident has been promised a lifetime home, and to the extent possible, we will keep that promise.
  2. Animal rights are those rights that they choose for themselves, and to the fullest extent possible, we will fulfill those rights.
  3. Animals are not property in any sense of the word, and we will not treat them as such except to exercise our legal rights to allow them freedom.
  4. The residents at the sanctuary, having chosen to reside here, will not be forced against their wills to go elsewhere, except, of course, if the sanctuary has to close as a result of lack of financial support.
  5. We do expect the residents to get along with each other even if some do not like others.

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Letter from a Friend

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